Senior Python Engineer - Remote working anywhere in the UK

Discipline: Tech / Dev
Job type: Permanent
Salary: £80,000
Job ref: SS684a
Published: 7 months ago
Startdate: ASAP

Senior Python Engineer, Central London / Remote – Up to £80k DOE plus benefits

This leading global data and measurement-driven media agency need a new Senior Python Engineer, to work with some of the most forward-thinking people and brands in tech.

This Senior Python Engineer will be responsible for:

- Building and deployment of back end services communicating over a range of interfaces
- Implementation of interfaces defined together with an Engineering Lead or Architect
- Estimation and delivery of working code on time and to agreed standards
- Code reviews for other team members
- Mentoring of more junior team members
- Maintaining code standards
- Writing tests (unit tests, BDD tests) and working with QA
- Maintaining CICD pipelines
- Writing of proofs of concept for new architecture, techniques and technologies
- Taking part in specification workshops where we define functional and non-functional characteristics of our systems
- Participating in team meetings
- Participating in Chapter meetings
- Interviewing new team members

This Senior Python Engineer will have:

- 5+ years of writing clean, well-designed, tested, and reusable code
- Using test driven approach to programming:TDD for unit tests and BDD for functional tests
- Use of web frameworks such as Flask, Django, node.js or Ruby on Rails
- Use of SCM i.e Git and platforms such as Github or Gitlab
- Understanding basic architectural patterns, when to apply them and their trade-offs
- Working with microservices communicating over a range of interfaces such as REST, gRPC and event/message based
- Playing a crucial role in every part of the software life-cycle:inception, specification, design, implementation with testing, delivery

You can demonstrate the ability to:

- Write software using all our core languages (Python, ECMAscript, TypeScript)
- Implement interfaces based on OpenAPI
- Apply appropriate testing techniques
- Write asynchronous and parallel software
- Write scalable software
- Understand the concept of cloud based software environment and its trade offs
- Understand the ideas expressed using diagrams and schemas
- Effectively communicate with your peers
- Understand and maintain the Continuous Delivery pipelines
- Prototype solutions defined by Product and following agreed patterns
- Acknowledge and be able to explain the trade offs with any technical decision
- Support and teach junior members of the team
- Be passionate about improving coding and development practices
- Be proactive in highlighting debt/risks within our software and be part of the solution

You have knowledge of

- Python - expert level
- SQL / Database knowledge is essential, relational and non-relational solutions
- Understands how the web works and REST APIs pub/sub, GRPC, AMQP
- Docker - solid competency
- You have experienced monolithic big balls of mud. (So you know what not to do.)
- You have suffered an Us vs Them culture with QA. (So you know what not to do.)

It would be great to see:

- Passion for open-source software and contributing to the community
- Testing using Selenium
- Building and deploying Python projects, Gitlab
- Experience with GCP (Cloud Functions, AppEngine, GKE)
- Async and asyncio
- Experience within the Advertising / Media / Adtech space
- Working with the business sides of Adwords, DS3, DCM, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
- ECMAScript, TypeScript
- Angular js
- BPMN, sequence diagrams, ERD for diagramming
- Terraform, Kubernetes

Are you the switched-on, smart, ambitious and tech-savvy Senior Python Engineer this leading digital/data agency need right now? If so, please get in touch quoting job reference SS684a.